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Enzo Castagno: Notturno
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    Enzo Castagno: Notturno
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    Enzo Castagno: Notturno
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    Enzo Castagno: Notturno
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    Enzo Castagno: Notturno
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    Enzo Castagno: Notturno

Date May 2007
Realized in Politecnico di Milano > Communication Design > Art Exhibition Workshop
Designed in FlashMX
Programmed in Actionscript 2.0 

This project is a website for an art exhibition: "Notturno", by Enzo Castagno, an italian sculptor.
The most important elements in Castagno's works are the shadows - drop and inner - and the use of pieces of a whole, obtained by breaking up an object and rebuilt it according to the artist's sense of art.

I took these two features and I used them to build the website. Each area is an indipendent block (the menu is built as it was a rectangle broken into pieces), positioned as it was a few inches far from the wall (represented by the background). This distance is rendered with a shadow, which slowly moves from one side to the other, just like the sun moves, enlighting objects in a different way according to the time of the day.

The website is realized with Flash 9.0 and programmed in Actionscript 2.0.