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Editrice LaScuola
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    Editrice LaScuola
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    Editrice LaScuola
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    Editrice LaScuola
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    Editrice LaScuola
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    Editrice LaScuola

Date October 2009 - April 2010
for WorkOnWeb
Programmed in Actionscript 2.0, PHP
Client: LaScuola Editrice
LaScuola Editrice, an italian school book publisher, asked for two websites where to concentrate all the interactive material about all their books conerning the same subject: "italian grammar" and "art".
The websites are not public yet; when online, I'll add their respective URLs.
This website is dedicated to italian grammar. It's mandatory, in Italy, to give students some multimedia content that enrich what's offered with books. The websites contains interactive exercises about grammar rules, supported by an automatic system that corrects the answers and calculates the users' score. Other than that, it offers tutorials and other support content in PDF.
More interactive than the previous one, the Art portal contains a well structured database of artworks, supported by a search engine.
It also offers some comparison between artworks, and a detailed analysis of some of them, thanks to a magnifing glass effect (programmed in Flash).
More supportive material, such as summaries and activities suggestions is downloadable in PDF format.