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In collaboration with Laura Bordin, Giuseppe Burdo, Lorenzo Cercelletta, Giuseppe Cosmai, Claudia de Angelis
Date January 2009
Realized in IUAV > clasVEM > Interaction Design lab 2 > Crafting With Current workshop
Programmed with Processing, Arduino
Workshop by Yaniv Steiner

Drillr is an art generator based on Flickr activity about contemporary topics. Different pictures tags generate different behaviour of a painting machine.

We built a wooden structure to hold a syringe filled with coloured ink and we attached it to a drill, replacing the drill bit. The more the drill rotates, the more the syringe lifts up, according to centrifugal force. This generates different ink paterns on a canvas placed around the painting machine.

The real application should work using flickr RSS feeds: everytime a picture with a certain tag is posted (in our example we used “love”, “war” and “party”), our software switches on the drill communicating it different behaviours. Our prototype works with commands from keyboards (”l” for love, “w” for war and “p” for party), simulating the RSS feed.
We developed two codes: one for Arduino and the other one for Processing. The former is directly connected to the drill while the latter shows the pictures on the screen and sends to Arduino the right instructions.