Valentina Venza - Portfolio
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In collaboration with Laura Bordin, Ivan Provenzale
Date October - December 2008
Realized in IUAV > clasVEM > Interaction Design lab 1
Programmed in Mobile Processing
Teachers: Gillian Crampton Smith, Philip Tabor
Special thanks to: Christian Palino, Nick Zambetti
Project website: 08–09 Interaction Design Lab 1 projects » SPOOK

Spook is an interactive system, accessed by mobile phone, which transforms a boring, neverending visit to a museum in a great adventure.
It is designed for children from 8 to 10 years old, in order to stimulate them in visit museums and to make them appreciate something which is usually imposed by their parents.



The game
Spook is the nice ghost of a detective of the ancient Republic of Venice. He is now trying to help other ghosts to find out how their stories went. Children help Spook finding clues inside the paintings: they have to look closely to details in order to spot something interesting - selecting among 9 given categories of objects.
They can play solo (a quiet and deep research into the museum), against time (more adrenaline for the keenest detectives) or with other children (be fast or the other players will steal all the clues!).

User research
The game has been developed with a great attention to users and stakeholders.


Please visit the project website to know more.