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WorkOnWeb websites - PHP programming
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    WorkOnWeb websites - PHP programming
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    WorkOnWeb websites - PHP programming
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    WorkOnWeb websites - PHP programming
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    WorkOnWeb websites - PHP programming
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    WorkOnWeb websites - PHP programming

Date July 2006 - ...up to now
Realized for WorkOnWeb
Programmed in PHP

These are just some of the website I worked on at WorkOnWeb. I did not made the graphic layout, but I programmed them in PHP.
Every website has an administration panel to let the client update his website by his own.

It's a website for a school book publisher, LaScuola Editrice, and their history book. The website contains a catalogue of the books, some games, a glossary and, more important, online excercises. There's also a private section for teachers only, where they can prepare online tests for their students.
An administration panel for the client is available, to update/edit the catalogue and the online excercises. They also have a stats sections for teachers activities and a mailing list.


This is the website for a religious order, saveriani, in Brescia. They have a lot of cultural activities, such as two magazines, a bookshop and a video-library.
With this website they can manage an online version of their magazines, an online shop, and other services like an archive of news, projects, campaigns, calendar of events, etc.

RTB Network is a local TV channel. Their website contains the programming, an archive of their anchormen and anchorwomen, a webTV, plus other minor services (news, polls, mailing list, etc).

Gardacase is a real estate agency. They needed a multilanguage website (italian and english) with a detailed catalogue for their estates.

A website for armories, where they can put ads for their products in a categorized catalogue. They also have a detailed personal page, with contact infos, a map and a photogallery.