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What's Cooking?
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    What's Cooking?
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    What's Cooking?
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    What's Cooking?
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    What's Cooking?
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    What's Cooking?

In collaboration with Maria Tasca, Valeria Donati
Date October - December 2007
Realized in IUAV > clasVEM > Interaction Design lab 1
Programmed in Mobile Processing
Teachers: Gillian Crampton Smith, Philip Tabor
Special thanks to: Nick Zambetti
Project website: 07–08 Interaction Design Lab 1 projects » WHAT’S COOKING?

ADAA - Adobe Design Achievement AwardsThis project won in the Mobile Design section of the 2008 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

What’s cooking? is a social software application for university students living in Venice.
It brings together people who love cooking and focuses on the joy of eating together.
Through What’s Cooking? you can find people with the same tastes as you and have dinner with them, dividing tasks (cooking, shopping, cleaning and hosting) and sharing your skills.

The software has been entirely programmed with Mobile Processing, though a FlashLite version is also available.

More detailed information about the software + a downloadable prototype can be found here.