Valentina Venza - Portfolio
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In collaboration with Anna Meneghetti
Date February - April 2008
Realized in IUAV > clasVEM > Corporate Image Lab.
Teachers: Michele De Boer

This is a corporate image project for a fashion brand called Dot.
Dot is a brand that sells only on internet, and that lets you design your own clothes (based on basic models) that will be produced specifically for a single person, with his/her measures.

dot is a fashion brand, it produces clothes. We wear clothes everyday, we feel them on our skin. At the same time, dot is a brand that lives on the web, one of the most untouchable and abstract realities that we can think of. This duality about touchable and untouchable (fashion deals with materials, while the web is virtual) is one of the most original and strong aspects of this brand.
dot is also an international brand, so it’s about a universal language too. And we thought about braille. Not as a language for blind people, but as a way to communicate with the touch. Moreover, if you look at it, it reminds of a textile texture, in some way.
So, a fashion language that can be touched... that was our starting point. And it’s from there that we developed this corporate image project.