Valentina Venza - Portfolio
It's me
This is Valentina, I was born on June 14th, 1984 in Brescia, a pretty italian city with not so many pretty people.Right now, I live in Venice, which I like so much more.
I'm a graphic/interaction designer (still studying to become a good one) and a programmer too (mainly PHP, but I can also deal with Actionscript, Javascript, CSSs and Processing). I like to think to myself as a rational person with good taste and some inclination towards bizarre things.
I'm currently studying Visual and Multimedia Communication at IUAV in Venice and, in the meantime, working at WorkOnWeb, a graphic studio in Brescia, as graphic/programmer.

Since I was a child, I've always been interested in art and drawings. I used to dream about becoming a painter, or something like that; that's why I attended an artistic high-school, I guess. But art was (absolutely) not my future: too much creativity and not enough rational thinking.
I also developed rather early a passion for computers and videogames: my parents bought to my brother and me a Commodore64 when I was 6, and my aunt gave us her 8086 PC a couple of years later.
Thanks to that, I started to use DOS and other super-basic operating systems, becoming friendly with computers and programming.
Thanks to that, I am still (proudly) a nerd.

At 16 years old I published my 1st website: a fan-site about the videogame Final Fantasy. It helped me learning some web design and HTML. Later, it became an excuse to learn PHP, too.
I started to understand that my future had to be a little bit of art + something that could satisfying my rational mind + a computer. In other words, graphics was almost perfect for me.
I studied Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano for 3 years, getting my "laurea triennale" (basically a bachelor). Studying there, I learned that graphic design covers a wider area than I thought. I started to love other type of graphics: typography, corporate image, editorial design, and so on.
In the meantime, I got a part-time job at WorkOnWeb. I'm still working there, by the way.

After the university in Milano, I wanted to try a new city and a different school: new challenges, new teachers, new approaches, new people.
I chose Venice. Right now, I'm studying there, at IUAV. And I got back to my first passion, of course being more and more aware about it: interaction design.
I tryed many many many kind of graphic design, and I'm sure interaction in the best for me: it's the only one that let me use 100% of my ability and that gives me so much satisfation both while working and at the end of a project.