Wanna be a graphic designer
This is Valentina, italian, 25 years old (at least the last time I uploaded). I study @IUAV in the wonderful Venice♥ to be a communication designer (already have a degree in that field taken @PoliMi), and I do that as a job, too, @WorkOnWeb, even if I'm mainly a PHP programmer there.
Yes, I love both graphic and PHP, so what?
Professional portfolio
I'm an interaction and graphic designer.
Portfolio ..ENGLISH ONLY
My visual design projects
I'm a fangirl
Especially a Final Fantasy fangirl. Since 1997!
A Final Fantasy italian fanfiction archive.
Am I a dreamer? ...ITALIAN / ENGLSH
A shrine to Tetsuya Nomura.
Elly's FF Italia ...ITALIAN ONLY... on hiatus
A Final Fantasy portal, from VIII to X-2.
I'm internet-dependent
Some of my accounts all over the web.
deviantart, flickr, livejournal, facebook, youtube, crunchyroll, useless account.

And, if you're really that bored... fangirlism!